22. July

Hi Guys! So some time has gone since i wrote here last! And last time it was in Norwegian. But I've decited I should start writing in English, so that all you American folk can read and understand my blog :)


So today is the 22 of July, and to some of you that might be just a normal day, but for Norwegians, today is a year ago 77 people got killed by a terrorist, of Norwegian background that bombed a parlament building and shot innocent teenagers at Utøya (an Isle), political active teenagers on a political summercamp. Today is a day of greif, and a day where we remember and tribute the dead and the wounded from that horrible day.

I love my country, and Norway has become closer since that day. My heart goes out to the families of the killed, to everybody who lost someone, and to the poeple who survived with a horrible memory for life, a memory they never deserved. We all think of these people today.

I'm watching the memory concert, and all the people who's there in Oslo with roses.

At Utøya, the memory speaches earlier today.

The concert.


To Memory of all the victims that day <3 

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18, Molde

Hi! So my name is Martha, and I'm an Norwegian teenager. The school year of 2011-2012 i was an exchange student in Omaha, Nebraska, and I absolutely loved it! So this blog is in English so that all of my friends in the US can understand it :) I'm basically gonna write about the life in Molde, Norway, and shit i like and stuff.