It's A Beautiful Day!

For the first time in three weeks it''s not raining! It's gorgeous outside, and i have to go to work.....

Today at work, I have the pm-10.30 pm. We're promised cake! :D

I Don't really have more to say soooo :)

The picture is really bad because it's taken with my computercam.

Good Morning World!

Now I'm gonna go out side and eat breakfast :)


See Yah!

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18, Molde

Hi! So my name is Martha, and I'm an Norwegian teenager. The school year of 2011-2012 i was an exchange student in Omaha, Nebraska, and I absolutely loved it! So this blog is in English so that all of my friends in the US can understand it :) I'm basically gonna write about the life in Molde, Norway, and shit i like and stuff.