So I finally got my computer back!! It's been in the computerhospital twice now, and it been gone for wuite some time, but now it's back home where it belongs, with me (and all my Big Bang Theroy episodes!). They had to change the entire cover so now it's all new and shiny! The fan and the main card is also changed so now it's not breathing like a mulldozer any more.

And in other news, not necessarily good news, I have now started school again... Not something I'm particulary happy about. School is as it always have been, except now I'm in class with underclass mates. It's so weird not being in the same classes as who I'm used to be with, and not with Solvor, who I've been in the same class as since first grade. I miss having her in my class... :(

I also have some new subjects from my first year. It's going to be a hard year, with ALOT of work.

I have Physics, Chemistry, Calc, Norwegian, English, history, gym and spanish. I also have three free hours on friday. It's gonna be a looong year with a ton of homework all the time, and exams on the end of the year. Halleluja.. og Well.

I'm gonna go to bed, cause tomorrow I start school with math, Gooood night, sleep tight, and don't let the bedbugs bite :)

(taken with my computer..)

- Martha 

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18, Molde

Hi! My name is Martha, and I'm an Norwegian teenager. The school year of 2011-2012 i was an exchange student in Omaha, Nebraska, and I absolutely loved it! So this blog is in English so that all of my friends in the US can understand it :) I'm basically gonna write about the life in Molde, Norway, and shit i like and stuff. I will write about my days, my opinions, i love fashion, movies, books, tv, MUSIC, oh, how i LOVE music! So That's what I'm gonna share with you!