Music is my life

I love music! I could not live in a world without music! I love singing, playing and making music. When you first have found something you really LOVE and you feel very comfortable with, NEVER let it go! When I come home from school, most of the time I sit down by the piano, playning and singing till my throat goes sore.

When I'm sad i listen to music to make me feel better, when I'm pist I listen to music to calm down, when I'm happy I listen to music and jam out like hell, when I'm feeling creative or have a thought I just need t get out, I sit down and write a song. As said music is my life, and I love sharing my interest for it by dancing like crap when ever I get the chance.


Music show me the way of life.


A melodic greeting from Martha :)


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18, Molde

Hi! My name is Martha, and I'm an Norwegian teenager. The school year of 2011-2012 i was an exchange student in Omaha, Nebraska, and I absolutely loved it! So this blog is in English so that all of my friends in the US can understand it :) I'm basically gonna write about the life in Molde, Norway, and shit i like and stuff. I will write about my days, my opinions, i love fashion, movies, books, tv, MUSIC, oh, how i LOVE music! So That's what I'm gonna share with you!