Hey Ho, hey ho, of to school we go

So! An earlier post said that i finally got back my computer. That turned out to be wrong, cause one day it decided to get a bluescreen, and after my dad had done everything he could with it he had to surrender and send it back in for the third time. This time they changed the mother card. So now EVERYTHING except the keyboard, screen and hard drive (that was changes a year ago cause it crashed) is changed. It's like having a completley new computer! Awesome.

Well, now I've been back in school for quite some time, and now the time for tests are coming up. This week I have a physics test (tomorrow) and an English essay to hand in (tomorrow) and a history test. Before the break I also have a chemistry test, math test and a spanish test, oh yeah, and a Norwegian hand in. Fun. But in ONLY TWO WEEKS IT'S FALL BREAK! A WEEK OF NOTHING! :D


Right now I'm writing the English essay, and it's about the changes English has done to Norwegian, if it's bad or not, and how the authorities will handle it. I LOVE politics and especially language politics, whick this essay is about. I oddly enough really like both pre-calc and physics. And of course chemisrty and Engish! In one way I really like school, but then again in an other way I just wanna get done.


OH AND THIS! This is why I love soccer pictures! Look at their faces and that SLAP! Hahahahaha! 

Hahahaha! I'm still laughing!

In Other news. MY TOWNS SOCCER TEAM IS BACK ON TOP! Fuck yeah ;)

- Sincerely, your Norwegian. Martha. 

But gotta go, gotta get back to work, hey ho. (Lame I know, but i don't care ;) ) 

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